The   Following  Eligibility  Rules  Applies  To  Two  Groups:

  1.  Individuals  seeking  to  become  a  member  of  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association.
  2.  Hall  of  Fame  members  seeking  to  become  inducted   in  The  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame.

For  Eligibility  To  Become  A  Member:

An  Individual  Must:

  • Join  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  and  be  a  voting  member  in  good  standing:  This  mean:
  • Make  monthly  membership  payments  of  $25.00  per  month.
  • Make  semi-annual  membership  payments  of   $120.00  SAVE $25.00.
  • Make  annual  membership  payment  of  $250.00  SAVE $50.00.

Eligibility To  Be  Inducted  In  The  Hall  of  Fame:  

An  Individual  Nominee Must:

  • Be  a  voting  member  in  good  standing  with  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame.
  • Be  employed  in  a  social  determinant  of  health  job  title  for  at  least  2  years.
  • Be  enrolled  in  our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum,  in  a  participatory  and  purposeful  way.
  • Nominee  must  not  have  been  nominated  more  than  ten  times  for  induction  into  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame.
  • Nominations  will  be  considered  for  up  to  7  years.

Our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum  (HWBPCC):

Our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum  (HWBPCC),  equips  today’s  Health  Workers  with  modernized  T-BACK$™  –Thinking,  Behavior,  Attitude,  Communication,  Knowledge  and  $kills,  that  are  compatible  with  the  changing  times.

Our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum  (HWBPCC),  enables  and  empowers  the  aspirations  of  Health  Workers  to  SOAR:

  • Scale  core  knowledge  and  health  promotion  competencies  that  advance  health  care  transformation.
  • Optimize  value-based  care  experiences,  outcomes  and  alternative  payment  models.
  • Advance  evidence-based  best  practices,  quality  improvement  approaches,  and  informatics.
  • Respond  timely  and  effectively  to  a  changing  health  environment  that  promotes  new  models  of  care,  self-care,  wellness,  whole-person  and  population-centered  health,  social  determinants  of  health  interventions  and  solutions,  life-style  change,  preventive  health  and  more.

Our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum  (HWBPCC)  is  also  designed  to  optimize  the  Quadruple  Aim:

  1. Advance  the  quality  of  the  patient  experience  of  care.
  2. Improve  population  health.
  3. Reduce  the  per  capita  cost  of  healthcare.
  4. Improve  the  experience  of  Health  Workers  providing  care.

We  offer  CME,  CNE  and  CEU  Certification  training  to  Association  members  through  transcripts,  symposiums,  live  conferences,  on-line  courses,  webcasts,  newsletters  and  information  links.

The  following  job  titles  are  samples  of  health  care  positions  that  include  but  is  not  limited  to  the  following:


Registered    Nurses  Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists  Rehabilitation Counselors  Nurse Anesthetists  Audiologists 
Nursing  Assistants  Speech-Language Pathologists Physical  Therapist Aides  Anesthesiologists  Dietetic Technicians 
Home  Health Aides  Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists  Health Technologists and Technicians, all other  Chiropractors  Recreational Therapists 
Licensed  Practical and  Licensed Vocational  Nurses  Physical  Therapist Assistants  Healthcare Support  Workers, all other  Dietitians and Nutritionists  Radiation Therapists 
Medical  Assistants  Mental  Health Counselors  Diagnostic Medical Sonographers  Healthcare Practitioners  and Technical Workers, all other  Occupational Therapy  Aides
Medical Secretaries  Radiologic Technologists  Optometrists  Medical Transcriptionists  Psychologists, all other 
Physicians and surgeons, all other Occupational Therapists  Surgical Technologists  Dental  Laboratory Technicians  Medical  Appliance Technicians 
Medical  and Health  Services Managers  Family and General Practitioners  Occupational Therapy  Assistants Pediatricians, General  Occupational Health  and Safety Technicians 
Dental  Assistants  Phlebotomists  Veterinary Assistants and Laboratory  Animal Caretakers  Ophthalmic Medical Technicians  Nuclear  Medicine Technologists 
Physical Therapists  Mental  Health and  Substance Abuse  Social Workers  Psychiatric  Aides Marriage  and Family  Therapists Podiatrists 
Emergency Medical Technicians  Physician Assistants  Surgeons  Psychiatrists Orthodontists 
Paramedics  Dentists,  General  Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians  Medical Equipment Repairers  Exercise Physiologists 
Pharmacists  Massage Therapists  Internists,  General  Obstetricians and Gynecologists  Orthotists  and Prosthetists 
Nurse Practitioners  Respiratory Therapists  Health  Educators  Athletic  Trainers  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons 
Pharmacy Technicians  Medical  Scientists  Community Health  Workers  Psychiatric Technicians  Nurse  Midwives 
Medical records Clerk  Epidemiologists  Environmental Science and Protection Technicians, Ophthalmic Laboratory Technicians  Epidemiologists 
Health Information Technicians  Substance  Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors  Prosthodontists Forensic  Science Technicians  Hearing  Aid Specialists
Dental  Hygienists  Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health  Orderlies  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists  Dentists,  all other Specialists 
Healthcare  Social Workers  Life,  Physical, and Social Science Technicians, all other Health Diagnosing and  Treating Practitioners, all other  Pharmacy  Aides  Genetic Counselors 
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians  Opticians, Dispensing Occupational Health and  Safety Specialists  Therapists, all other  Respiratory Therapy Technicians 

The  Following  Eligibility  Rules  Apply  To  Two  Groups:

  1. Social  Determinants  of  Health  organization  seeking  to  become  a  member  of  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association.
  2. Social  Determinants  of  Health  organization  seeking  to  be  inducted  in  Health  Workers  The  Hall  of  Fame.

 Eligibility  For  Health  Organizations  Seeking  Induction  Into  The  Hall  of  Fame:

  • Be  a   voting  member  in  good  standing  with  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association:  This  mean:
  • Make  monthly  membership  payments  of  $417  per  month
  • Make  semi-annual  membership  payments  of  $2000  SAVE  $500.00
  • Make  annual  membership  payment  of  $4000.00  SAVE  $1000.00

 Eligibility  For  Social  Determinant  of  Health  Organizations  Seeking  To  Be  Inducted  Into  The  Hall  of  Fame:  

An  Organization  Nominee  must:

  • Be  a  voting  organization  in  good  standing  with  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association
  • Be  in  operation  for  at  least  5  years
  • Must  meet  industry  specific  score  card  standards
  • Have  at  least  50%  of  their  workforce  enrolled  in  our  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association.  Their  workforce  must  be  enrolled  in  our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum,  in  a  participatory  and  purposeful  way.
  • Have a  3-5  star  CMS  rating
  • Organizations  with  1-2  stars  must  enroll  90%  of  their  workforce  in  our  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  Association  over  a  3  year  period,  and  be  enrolled  in  our  Health  Workers  Best  Practice  Certification  Continuum,  in  a  participatory  and  purposeful way.
  • Nominations  will  be  considered  for  up  to  7  years.

Social  Determinants  of  Health  Organizations  Consist  of  Five  Divisions 

  • Economic  Stability
    • Employment
    • Food  Insecurity
    • Housing  Instability
    • Poverty
  • Education
    • Early  Childhood  Education  and  Development
    • Enrollment  in  Higher  Education
    • High  School  Graduation
    • Language  and  Literacy
  • Social  and  Community  Context

    • Civic  Participation
    • Discrimination
    • Incarceration
    • Social  Cohesion
  • Health  and  Health  Care

    • Access to  Health  Care
    • Access to  Primary  Care
    • Health  Literacy
  • Neighborhood  and  Built  Environment

    • Access to  Foods  that  Support  Healthy  Eating  Patterns
    • Crime  and  Violence
    • Environmental  Conditions
    • Quality  of  Housing

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