A Loss Felt-Dr. Lazarus is Missed

The Health Worker’s Hall of Fame mourns the passing of our Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Harold Lazarus. Dr. Lazarus was a professor, mentor, and forward thinker who believed in building a better world for all. His loss is felt immensely in our organization, and we hope to keep his vision alive. Our sympathies are with his family.



The Loss

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been left to health workers to document their own deaths. Health workers like Dr. Claire Rezba have reported over 1,500 health workers lost from contracting COVID-19 while working.

Each life lost is a crucial part of the medical field taken as well. Doctors of all kinds are being impacted, like Dr. Carlos Araujo-Preza, who was crucial in treating some of the sickest COVID-19 patients. He too contracted the disease, and ultimately lost his life.

This loss is why we need your help. These are the doctors who deserve to be recognized for their sacrifices, which is why they are the kinds of people we induct into our organization.

FREE  membership  requires  two  easy  steps.   The  individual,  group,  or  entity recommending  the  Health  Worker  for  FREE  Membership  must:

  1. Validate  work   performance  of  Health  Worker  went  “above  and  beyond  the  call  of  duty  during  COVID19  pandemic.”
  2. Email  performance  documentation,  passport  size  photo  and  an  updated  resume  of  the  Health  Worker  to  freemembership@hwhalloffame.com.  Resume  must  contain their  name,  address,  telephone  number,  job  title,  years  of  health  care  experience  and  the  name  of  their  employer.
Fundraising  for  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  FREE  membership  drive  is  sponsored  by  Get  Healthier  Care  Together  Inc.,  –  a  grassroot  organization  located  at  127  East  38  Street  Ground  Floor,  Suite  B,  Brooklyn  New  York  11203.  Our  telephone  number  is  718-889-1028.
The  Internal  Revenue  Service  recognizes  Get  Healthier  Care  Together,  Inc.,  as  a  Section  501 (c)  (3)  public  charity.   Get  Healthier Care  Together,  Inc  is  exempted  by  IRS  under  the  category  of Charitable  Organization, Educational  Organization.
All  donations  to  Get  Healthier  Care  Together,  Inc.,  are  tax  deductible  in  the  U.S.A.   Our  Federal  Tax  ID#  is  81-1735495.

Building Back Better Health


If  ever  there  was  a  time  in  the  history  of  our  nation,  to  honor  Health  Workers  in  a  way  our  nation  never  has,  it  is  NOW.

NOW  is  while  COVID19  coverage  is  capturing  Health  Workers —  endangering  themselves  and  their  loved  ones  for  all  of  our  benefit.

NOW  is  while  Burnout  Syndrome  coverage  is  capturing  the  relentless  assault  on  the  physical  and  mental  health  of  Health  Workers  that  experts  agree  will  require  lifelong  attention  and  restoration.

NOW  is  while  Media  coverage  is  documenting  heart  wrenching  stories  about  Health  Workers – our  fallen  healthcare  heroes  —  who  have  paid  the  ultimate  price  of  saving  others  and  battling  COVID19  and  Burnout  Syndrome  with  their  lives.

In  the  absence  of  a  national  forum  that  bestows  hall  of  fame  status  on  their  sacrifice,  contributions  and  achievements,  the  Health Workers  Hall of  Fame  is  filling  this  void  with  a “build  back  better”  approach  that  is  monumental,  healthifying,  unifying,  unprecedented,  historic,  transformational  and  memorable.

Equally  important,  our   “build  back  better”  approach  leads  to  healthier  pathways  that  reaches  the  outer  limits  of  health  restoration  success,  where  generations  of  government  programs  and  charitable  endeavors  have  had  limited  impact.

We   are  seeking  your  immediate  support and  tax  deductible  donations:

1.  To  memorialize  the  lives,  memory  and  achievements  of  fallen  Health  Care  Heroes  as  national  Hall  of  Fame  inductees.  

2.  To  provide  100,000  Health  Workers  representing  every  town,  village  and  city  across  America,  with  FREE  annual  Membership,  in  the  Health  Workers  Hall of  Fame  valued  at  $250.00  per  person  per  year.

3.  To  offset  the  cost  of  FREE  membership  services  that  give  local  Health  Workers  the  health  restoration  they  urgently  need,  the  life-long  learning  and  certifications  their  careers  require,  and  the  national  recognition Health  Workers  so  richly  deserve.

4.  To  acquire  additional  floor  space  and  land  to  grow,  expand  and  build  Hall  of  Fame  Museums  across  America.

At  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame:

We   Honor  every  member  who  joins.
We   Applaud  accomplishments  of Health  Workers  at  ALL  levels  of  care.
We   Lead  by  recognizing  the  true  value  of  what  Health  Workers  do.
We   Lift  up  the  careers  of  Health  Workers  through  world  class  recognition.

We  Offer  Health  Workers  exclusive  membership  status.
We   Faithfully  care  for  Health  Workers  in  a  way  the  nation  never  have  in  all  job  titles.

We   Famously  crown  the  achievements  of  Health  Workers.
We   Award  Health  Workers  with  lifelong  Health  Restoration  and  benefits.
We   Memorialize  the  lives  of  fallen  Health  Workers.
We   Enshrine  Health  Workers  into  the  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame.

Learn More About Our Hall of Fame Award

How Will You and Your Career Be Remembered?

How Will Frontline Living and Fallen Healthcare Heroes Be Remembered?

YOU Decide!

Even  with  the  arrival  of  emergency  approved  vaccines,  Health  Workers — our  nation’s  best  line  of  defense,  are  still  fighting  to  save  lives,  while COVID19  and  Burnout  Syndrome,  keep  breaking  records  we  don’t  want broken.

  • Over 500,000 projected total deaths by the end of February alone.
  • Over 200,000 Health Workers and counting contracting the disease.
  • Over 2,000 Health Workers and counting losing their lives saving others.

The  time  has  come  for  our  nation  to  answer,  how  will  Health  Workers  and  Fallen  Healthcare  be  remembered  now  and  on  the  other  side  of  COVID.

The  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  located  at  One  World  Trade  Center in  New  York  City  recognizes  the  true  value  of  their  sacrifice  and  has  taken  the  unprecedented  step  of  bestowing  Hall  of Fame  status  on  their  lives  and  memory  to  honor  the  fallen,  support  the  living  and  pave  the  way  for  the  future.

Although  we  offer  these  services for  FREE,  we  can’t  maintain  them without  your  help.  We  all  owe  Health  Workers  a  national  debt  of gratitude,  but  if  you  can  give  more,  please  donate  today.

Every  day  in  America  and  around  the  globe,  Health  Workers  —  the  true  “Unsung  Heroes,”  – – go  above  and  beyond  the  call  of  duty,  to make  a  positive  impact  on  the  health  and  lives  of  patients,  families  and  communities.

The  efforts  of  “Unsung  Heroes”  has  never  been  more  on  display  than  during  the  COVID19  pandemic.  COVID19  has  reminded   our  nation  and  society,  how  much  care,  guidance,  and  support  Health  Workers  give.  Not  only  do  they  give,  but  these  heroes  sacrifice  safety  and  personal  health  for  their  communities.

For  this  reason,  for  a  limited  time  –  effective  July  1,  2021  through  August  31,  2021The  Health  Workers  Hall  of  Fame  is  embarking  on  a  Health  Restoration  FREE  Membership  Drive. 

During  this  limited  offer,  we  are  offering   FREE   Hall  of  Fame  membership,  to  100,000  Health  Workers,  ALL  across  America,  at  ALL  levels  of  care.

FREE  membership  requires  two  easy  steps.   The  individual,  group,  or  entity recommending  the  Health  Worker  for  FREE  Membership  must:

  1. Validate  work   performance  of  Health  Worker  went  “above  and  beyond  the  call  of  duty  during  COVID19  pandemic.”
  2. Email  performance  documentation,  passport  size  photo  and  an  updated  resume  of  the  Health  Worker  to  freemembership@hwhalloffame.com.  Resume  must  contain their  name,  address,  telephone  number,  job  title,  years  of  health  care  experience  and  the  name  of  their  employer.

A Healthifying Solution Whose Time Has Come

Before  Coronavirus  struck,   the  health  of  Health  Workers  were  already  at  war  and  under  siege  of  Burnout  Syndrome.  Now  they  are  fighting  care  delivery  wars  on  two  fronts  — COVID19  and  Burnout  Syndrome.

In  America,  over  15  million  Health  Workers  make  huge  contributions  in  health  care  delivery,  social  determinants  of  health,  public  health  challenges,  natural  disaster  relief  efforts,  research,  education  and  much  more.

Because  Health  Workers  are  overwhelmed  and  overburdened  by  higher  job  demand  and  job  resource  imbalances,  the  need  for  a  restorative  health  solution  has  never  been  greater.

Health  Restoration  is  needed  on  an  on-going  basis,  to  keep  Health  Workers  refreshed,  relevant  and  ready  —  as  they  take  on  Burnout  Syndrome,  help  mitigate  health  disparities  and  prepare  for  future  pandemics.

Victor  Hugh  said  it  best:  “An  idea  before  it’s  time  must  wait,  for  no  one  is  crazy  enough  to  grasp  it… at  the  moment.

And  an  idea  who’s  time  has  passed  must  hope,  for  a  future  in  which  it’ll  be  needed  again.  But  an  idea  whose  time  has  come  is  a  force.  It  changes  the  world.  It  alters  reality.  It’s  unstoppable!”

So  let  it  be  known,  a  new  gateway  has  opened  up  for  Health  Workers to  receive  the  highest  professional  honor  in  the  land;  as  a  “Health  Giver  Hall  of  Famer.”

To Join Our Association

Our  website  was  inspired By:

Dr.  Gerald  Deas,  M.D., MPH,  MA.  Hon. D.Sc.

Population  Health  Physicians

Dr. Katrina DeVinci, RN, Ph.D. MSN, ANP, PMTC
Capella University

Nursing Educators

Dr. Harold Lazarus,  PHD, 1963, Columbia  University;  MS, 1952,  Columbia

Business  Management Professors

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If you are using an authorized agent to exercise your right to opt-out we may deny a request if the authorized agent does not submit proof that they have been validly authorized to act on your behalf.

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Your rights with respect to your personal data

Right to request deletion of the data - Request to delete

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Right to be informed - Request to know

Depending on the circumstances, you have a right to know:
  • whether we collect and use your personal information;
  • the categories of personal information that we collect;
  • the purposes for which the collected personal information is used;
  • whether we sell your personal information to third parties;
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In accordance with applicable law, we are not obligated to provide or delete consumer information that is de-identified in response to a consumer request or to re-identify individual data to verify a consumer request.

Right to Non-Discrimination for the Exercise of a Consumer’s Privacy Rights

We will not discriminate against you if you exercise your privacy rights.

Verification process

Upon receiving your request, we will need to verify your identity to determine you are the same person about whom we have the information in our system. These verification efforts require us to ask you to provide information so that we can match it with information you have previously provided us. For instance, depending on the type of request you submit, we may ask you to provide certain information so that we can match the information you provide with the information we already have on file, or we may contact you through a communication method (e.g. phone or email) that you have previously provided to us. We may also use other verification methods as the circumstances dictate.

We will only use personal information provided in your request to verify your identity or authority to make the request. To the extent possible, we will avoid requesting additional information from you for the purposes of verification. If, however, if we cannot verify your identity from the information already maintained by us, we may request that you provide additional information for the purposes of verifying your identity, and for security or fraud-prevention purposes. We will delete such additionally provided information as soon as we finish verifying you.

Other privacy rights
  • you may object to the processing of your personal data
  • you may request correction of your personal data if it is incorrect or no longer relevant, or ask to restrict the processing of the data
  • you can designate an authorized agent to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf. We may deny a request from an authorized agent that does not submit proof that they have been validly authorized to act on your behalf in accordance with the CCPA.
  • you may request to opt-out from future selling of your personal information to third parties. Upon receiving a request to opt-out, we will act upon the request as soon as feasibly possible, but no later than 15 days from the date of the request submission.
To exercise these rights, you can contact us by email at info@hwhalloffame.com, by calling toll-free at 8774657764, or by referring to the contact details at the bottom of this document. If you have a complaint about how we handle your data, we would like to hear from you.


In Short:  Yes, we will update this notice as necessary to stay compliant with relevant laws.

We may update this privacy notice from time to time. The updated version will be indicated by an updated "Revised" date and the updated version will be effective as soon as it is accessible. If we make material changes to this privacy notice, we may notify you either by prominently posting a notice of such changes or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to review this privacy notice frequently to be informed of how we are protecting your information.


If you have questions or comments about this notice, you may email us at info@hwhalloffame.com or by post to:

Get Healthier Care Together
127 East 38th street
Ground floor B
Brooklyn, NY 11203
United States


Based on the applicable laws of your country, you may have the right to request access to the personal information we collect from you, change that information, or delete it in some circumstances. To request to review, update, or delete your personal information, please submit a request form by clicking here. We will respond to your request within 30 days.
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